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Save needy children from a life of misery!

Toro babies’ home has for many years been dedicated to take care of orphans and neglected children with the help from donors and well wishes.

The home takes care of abandoned children whose biological parents are not known, others are orphans whose families are known but relatives don’t have the capacity to take care of these children, some are children born by insane parents. The Home management works hand in hand with Government and Police officials to receive these vulnerable children. Over the years, many children have passed through this Home and are now useful people in this world. Children of known parents / relatives are later re-settled in their homes once they are less vulnerable.

Important Notice:

Letter of Attention.
Due to recent unfortunate activities with reason of black mailling our image to our donors, we have attached letters with elaborate information to clear the air as regard.

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Featured Programs

  • Child care

    Toro Babies Home has a capacity of sixty children but it is currently caring for fourty eight children (32) thirty two boys (16) sixteen girls.

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  • Infastructure development

    TBH has six houses with the capacity of holding 10 children each although they could even house fifteen we resolved to leave enough space within the room.

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